• Matric Ball & Special Occasion Promotion – BUY 1 GET 1 FREE valid 5th – 17th April

    The secret to an amazing glow for that special occasion Matric dance season is fast approaching, and in South Africa, that means winter is on its way. Every year, matric students gearing up for the most anticipated celebration of the year (and of their entire school careers) face the same problem... View Post
  • How Does Self Tan Work?

    How does it work? Caribbeantan products contain specially formulated active ingredients. One of these ingredients is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone – natural sugar cane derivative). When applied to the skin, DHA causes a chemical reaction with the skin to produce a tan much like the sun, but without the U... View Post
  • 3 of the Biggest Tan Inspos EVER (Celebs who Rocked the Best Tans)!

    Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston makes number one because she consistently rocks a natural glow as though it’s virtually no effort at all. This gorgeous woman makes casual-glam look easy, and we love her for it (perhaps we wouldn’t love her quite as much if she weren’t so down to earth, but hey... View Post