• Neutrals & Bronzing are in this year

    Gone are the days of cakey base and clumpy mascara, masses of smudged kohl and layers of thick eyeshadow. One: the 80s are over – for the time being, at least. Two – ain’t nobody got time for that! We’re a busy people – make-up shouldn’t take 2 hours every morning. Three: it’s all about embracing... View Post
  • Shimmer Cream Bronzing droplets

    Shimmer what? Shimmer Cream is a curious product – it’s something that, until you use it, you don’t realise how much you’ve always needed it. Once you’ve used it, it becomes that thing your summer travel bag will never be without. It will be the finishing touch to your everyday – and every night ... View Post
  • How to Look More Toned with Darkening Drops (Body Contouring)

    January may be over (for a while there, we thought it might never end) but some of us are still recovering from a slightly over-indulgent festive season. However, whether or not our bodies are excited about this, summer is not over here in SA, so we can’t slip into hibernation just yet.   Here a... View Post