Which Caribbean Tan Product suits your personality?

Perhaps you are super-fan and you've been using Caribbeantan self-tan for a while now, but have you ever wondered if your favourite self-tanner might be able to shed some light on your personality too? 

The Chilled Chick


You know how to stay calm, collected, and don’t see the point in making decisions in a hurry or stressing for no reason. You’re easy-going, and understand that life is more about enjoying the journey than getting to a destination. Chilling under the beach umbrella with a drink or floating carelessly in a giant pool flamingo is where you’ll be this summer. If you want a gorge tan and you don’t want to rush the process, Caribbeantan Bronzing Mousse is the product for you – perhaps the rewards aren’t immediate, but you know they’ll be damn good.

The Bold Babe


Life, when you're around, is exciting – chaotic, a little ridiculous, but exciting. You’re charming, wild, and incredibly hard to say no to. You take life as it comes, and are always on the run. You work hard, and you play ten times harder. Being the busy and highly in-demand woman that you are, you often find yourself in a rush. Grab Caribbeantan Instant Aerosol Tan in a Can – it only takes 3 minutes to dry, and the effects are immediate! Boom – bronzed and ready for the next cocktail party!

The Glam Goddess


You’re a woman on top, and you command the room with your presence. You don’t suffer fools, and can be a little intimidating to those who don’t know you well. You pull off looking glamourous with seemingly no effort at all, but it’s because you’re organized and like to plan your life pretty carefully. Caribbeantan Tinted Shimmer Cream is the way to go for you – easy to use, and guaranteed to xtend your already glamourous tan (because tan up-keep is a thing).

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