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Our Story

From inspiration to market leader

Caribbeantan history

Caribbeantan was born out of pure inspiration back in 2003, when managing director Clive Roberts was on a tropical adventure, captivated by turquoise ocean and startling sunshine. He saw a need for a better, safer way to achieve that beautiful bronzed holiday look, without damaging your skin by exposing it to harmful UV rays or harsh chemicals. 

Enter Caribbeantan Professional Salon System: the first professional self-tanning salon application system in South Africa, which subsequently sparked the Salon Spray Tan phenomenon.

In 2007, Caribbeantan became available on the shelves of beauty stores, which contributed to it quickly becoming consumers’ number one choice for self-tanning.
Caribbeantan is now available at most drug store chains and the bigger online retailers in South Africa. Caribbeantan founder Cindy Nell Roberts was involved in the development of the newer arm of Caribbeantan, and tried all the products in the development stages. She is the ideal ambassador, and inspires the brand in her quest for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. 

“I use to love lying in the sun and on sunbeds, because I love being brown. But by age 25 I could already see the incredible ageing effect that had accumulated. I literally woke up one morning and noticed that I have more wrinkles than my older friends and pigmentation that has now taken me years to reverse. I love to be brown because it makes me look healthy, thinner, and toned. But never again at the cost of my health and long-term appearance. Caribbeantan is by far the best product I have ever used. Some say self-tan only lasts 10 or 15 days but a tan from the sun only lasts a few weeks anyway so what is the difference? (And for all that exposure and UV damage I don’t want a UV tan, no thank you!)”