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Professional Salon Self Tan | 1 Litre

Our professional self tan tanning solution is available in 3 different shades (A,B,C). Higher concentrate of colourant for a deep and immediate tanHigher percentage of eco-certified DHA than retail rangeSpecialised quick-dry ingredientErythrulose for longer lasting tan. For use in a Caribbeantan Spray Tanning Machine.

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The Tanning Journal

  • Tips for Self Tanning | Caribbeantan

    Tips for Self Tanning

    March 31 2021

    Pre-Tan Prep This is possibly the most crucial step in making sure that your spray tan will look perfect. Your skin is like a canvas that’s about to be painted. 1. Shower Shower beforehand to make sure your skin is clean and free from any oils and deodorant. 2. Shaving and Waxing To ensure a silky-smooth application we definitely do not...

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We love our animals and do not condone cosmetic testing on animals. We make it a priority to source suppliers that are animal cruelty free. 

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