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Tan in a Can Gradual Aerosol

Specifically designed for those that need a gorgeous tan but are willing to wait a few hours for the tan to develop (great for hard to reach areas) that’s streak-free, long-lasting and most importantly, never patchy.

You’ll be completely obsessed with the colour too, with the ABC shade system, your tan is tailored to your natural skin colour, accentuating your natural skin tone.


Tan in a Can Instant Aerosol

Great for those that need an immediate tan (great for hard to reach areas so perfect for a self-tan newbie) that’s streak-free, long-lasting and most importantly, never patchy. 

This instant tinted fine spray self-tan Tan in a Can is no one-trick pony.  It performs double duty while it nourishes with the goodness of Aloe Ferox Extract, it leaves behind a flawless, jaw dropping tan.  Formulated with eco certified DHA and erythulose for a natural looking faux glow.

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Caribbeantan is Animal Cruelty Free

We love our animals and do not condone cosmetic testing on animals. We make it a priority to source suppliers that are animal cruelty free. 

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