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Self Tanning VS the Sun

September 03 2020

Self Tanning VS the Sun | Caribbeantan

Self Tanning VS the Sun | Caribbeantan

We love the sun – the sun gives us light, essential vitamin D, and cocktail weather (let’s face it – a Mai Tai just isn’t the same in Norway). This crazy beautiful flaming star, however, has a dark side. If you’re getting ready to work on your summer tan in the great outdoors, you might want to consider the following first:


The sun’s strength isn’t predictable, which means one day you might get a mild burn and then next day could lead to an accidental full body peel. Red Lobster is not a tanning aesthetic.



Tanning outdoors can lead to a patchy, uneven tan. Basically, it’s just hard to control. Bikini strap tan lines are not okay, unless you’re a contestant on Survivor.



Exposure to the sun can lead to serious skin damage, especially for fairer-skinned babes. Tanning is one of the surest ways to speed-up the signs of ageing and get you a one-way ticket to Wrinkle City.

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What’s the alternative?

The benefits of self-tanning compared to the sun are pretty extensive. If you’re looking to prevent burning, unevenness, patchiness, an unpredictable colour, and skin damage, self-tan is the only way to go.

Say no to the lobster look this summer, and yes to beautiful, bronzed healthy skin! Loving your skin now is the key to maintaining your glow for years to come.

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  • Annie maynier : January 18, 2018

    I would really love to try your products , i have seen many ads about it and i am quite interested to see how it works.

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