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Looking Your Best This Valentine's Day

September 03 2020

Looking Your Best This Valentine's Day | Caribbeantan

Looking Your Best This Valentine's Day | Caribbeantan

Love is in the air, and that's why you will want to look your best for that special someone.  

Sometimes one or two layers of self-tan aren’t enough – we’re looking at you, bodybuilders, dancers, and fitness enthusiasts! If you’re looking to intensify your tan or contour your body for your special day, follow our easy how-to with Caribbeantan Darkening Drops.

How to: deepen your initial tan

Add a few drops to your tanning solution for a darker initial tan – for example, Caribbeantan Tanning Spritzer. As a broad guideline, you can add anything between 6 and 20 drops per 100ml:

  • Light tan: Add 6 drops
  • Medium tan: Add 10 drops
  • Extra dark tan: 20 drops

Decant your tanning solution into a glass container. Using a metal spoon, add the required number of darkening drops, and mix thoroughly. Proceed to apply your tan as you normally would (preferably with a tanning mitt, to avoid darkened palms).

How to: enhance your tan

Caribbeantan Shimmer Cream is the ideal product for contouring and deepening an existing tan. Simply add 1 – 5 drops to however much Shimmer Cream you would normally apply for your body application. Do a patch test of the darkened Shimmer Cream on the inside of your forearm, and simply keep adding more drops until you achieve the desired colour.

If you want to be really thorough, apply a patch of Shimmer Cream without any added drops to your forearm, then a patch of Shimmer Cream with one darkening drop mixed in, then a patch with two drops added, and so on. This will give you an accurate idea of what kind of colour you can achieve.



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