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The secret to an amazing glow for that special occasion

Matric dance season is fast approaching, and in South Africa, that means winter is on its way. Every year, matric students gearing up for the most anticipated celebration of the year (and of their entire school careers) face the same problem: how can one achieve a beautiful, natural-looking tan when the sun pulls a disappearing act?!

It's a thing 

Luckily, self-tan is a thing. Gone are the days of spending hours under the harsh lights of a tanning bed the weeks leading up to your big day – with Caribbeantan, you can literally achieve your ideal golden glow in less than a few hours (bonus: it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, which your parents will probably be grateful for).

Next level 


On the night itself, what takes your look to the next level? A gorgeous, golden tan is a winner, but if you want to make your skin dazzle the crowds, Caribbeantan Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream is the way to go.

Our Shimmer Cream enhances your tan, and smooths over any imperfections, taking your skin from gorgeous to flawless in just seconds. This luscious cream contains a subtle shimmer that gives you just the right amount of glamour for any special occasion. (Oh, and it’s moisturising, too!)

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Shimmer Cream promotion 


In celebration of the upcoming Matric dance season (as well as the last few months of the wedding season here in SA), Caribbeantan is helping you get your glow on with our Buy 1, Get 1 Free Shimmer Cream promotion! Now you have plenty of time to test it out and rock your ideal look on the day itself.

It may be getting cold out, but your skin can still have everyone thinking it’s summertime.

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ONLY R 79.95 each*

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