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No more uh-oh moments with the NEW Caribbeantan Limited Edition Self-Tan Eraser

March 27 2024

No more uh-oh moments with the NEW Caribbeantan Limited Edition Self-Tan Eraser

No more uh-oh moments with the NEW Caribbeantan Limited Edition Self-Tan Eraser

Tan it, erase it, repeat.  Introducing the new self-tan erasing product; we all deserve a fresh start.

No more tanning uh-oh moments thanks to the new Caribbeantan Limited Edition Self-Tan Eraser, no need to cancel your plans after a botched tanning job. Within 5+ minutes, you can gently erase unwanted tan while treating your skin to nourishing ingredients it will love. This revolutionary formula is gentle on the skin, fast-acting and is sure to get your skin ready for a glow.

Not only does the Caribbeantan Self-Tan Eraser’s non-sticky foam remove unwanted tan, it also leaves your skin feeling ultra-smooth and silky soft thanks to nourishing ingredients such as vitamin C for supple, firm skin. Additional vitamin E together with Aloe Vera extract, effectively softens the skin while retaining moisture. Expect visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles thanks to Gogi Berry extract, which encourages collagen production. The Self-Tan Eraser’s gentle formula ensures your skin remains protected and that any symptoms of irritation or inflammation are combatted through the healing properties of pro-vitamin B5, which is a natural skin healer.

Did you know that the Caribbeantan Self-Tan Eraser also functions as a primer for the skin? This is because its formula also contains Glycolic Acid (AHA) that effectively primes the skin, resulting in a rejuvenated and even complexion. Glycolic Acid is safe for the skin and actively removes the top layers of dead skin cells, which in turn produces an anti-ageing effect while visibly reducing the appearance of dark marks, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.  This ensures a flawless tan the next time you self-tan.

Before use, be sure to shake the Self-Tan Eraser to activate all the skin-loving ingredients in its formula. Simply pump some of its non-sticky mousse formula into the palm of your hands and apply generously to dry skin. Wait 5+ minutes before using a wet cloth to wipe off the mousse. If your tan is stubborn, repeat the process until fully removed. Proceed to shower with warm water and be sure to exfoliate using the Caribbeantan Cinnamon & Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfolia to remove any tan residue and dead skin cells. Thereafter, moisturise to form a protective moisture barrier over the skin with the Caribbeantan Milk & Honey Hydrating Body Butter. Tip: for best results, wait 24-48 hours before applying your tan.



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