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Caribbeantan Darkening Drops (magic in a bottle!)

October 14 2021

Caribbeantan Darkening Drops (magic in a bottle!)

Caribbeantan Darkening Drops (magic in a bottle!)

Give your tan an instant boost of colour with this magic in a bottle!

You’ve just achieved a flawless tan using Caribbeantan’s self-tanning range. Your skin is smooth, evenly toned, and absolutely glowing. However, sometimes a layer or two of self-tan is not enough especially if you are a bodybuilder, dancer or fitness enthusiast. Achieve your desired tan level in just a few drops with Caribbeantan’s Darkening Drops. Whether you need to darken your initial tan, give your tan a boost or add some definition, the Caribbeantan Darkening Drops are sure to help you instantly achieve your desired self-tan goals.

What are Caribbeantan Darkening Drops?

Caribbeantan Darkening Drops is a wash-off, self-tan additive that instantly stains the skin. This means the pure pigment concentration serves to enhance or give your self-tan a boost of colour when added to your chosen self-tan solution. Depending on how many drops you use, you can vary the intensity of your tan, instantly transforming you into a bronzed goddess. Caribbeantan Darkening Drops can be used to boost your tan, contour your body or simply darken certain areas of the body.

How to use Caribbeantan Darkening Drops?

Deepening your initial tan:
Start off by adding a few drops to your chosen self-tan solution and gradually increase the number of drops to achieve your desired colour. We recommend adding the darkening drops to the Caribbeantan Spritzer C self-tan solution. Simply decant your solution into a glass container. Add anywhere between 6 and 20 drops. Using a metal spoon, mix the solution and darkening drops thoroughly. Pour solution back into the spritzer bottle and apply your tan as per instructions using the Caribbeantan Self-Tan Application Mitt to avoid staining your palms and surfaces.

Tip: Remember to use circular motions when applying your self-tan to ensure a streak-free and even application.

Enhancing your initial tan:
After your initial self-tan application, grab your Caribbeantan Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream. Squeeze out your desired amount based on a full-body application. Add between 1 and 5 drops of the darkening drops based on your desired colour boost. The more drops you add to your shimmer cream, the darker your outcome. Apply the cream as per instructions and always use the self-tan mitt for an even application.

Bonus Tip: Do a patch test of the darkened Shimmer Cream on the inside of your forearm. Add darkening drops until you achieve your desired colour. To be extra thorough, apply a patch of shimmer cream with no drops, then another patch with one drop, then another patch with two drops and so on to help you visualise your desired colour.

Important Do’s & Don’ts to ensure a flawless tan with darkening drops:

 DO remember to peel back the label on the back of the darkening drops bottle to access instructions and a colour drop guide before use. Simply turn the bottle around and peel back the bottom right hand corner of the label for the instructions.

 DON’T use the darkening drops on their own as it contains pure concentrate of tanning solution.

 DO add the darkening drops to a carrier product i.e. Caribbeantan self-tanners, shimmer cream or body lotion.

 DON’T add too many drops at once to your chosen self-tanner/carrier product.

 DO steadily increase the number of drops to achieve your desired colour.

 DO add a few darkening drops to the Caribbeantan Shimmer Cream for an instant darkening of the skin.

 DO add to the self-tan product, Spritzer C, for a more intense colour change if you are a body-builder, dancer or fitness enthusiast.

 DON’T use the drops with bare hands as your palms will stain.

 DO use the Caribbeantan Application Mitt to apply your self- tan with the darkening drops.

 DO wash hands after application with a bar of soap to avoid staining any surfaces you may touch.

 DO use with caution as the darkening drops can stain hands, clothing, and surfaces.

 DO make time for a patch test upon first-use to ensure a flawless self-tan in your desired colour.

Take your self-tan regimen to the next level with Caribbeantan Darkening Drops. Whether you want to deepen your tan, boost your colour, or contour your body in an instant, these Darkening Drops are essential to your self-tan routine. Achieve your self-tan goals flawlessly at the drop of a hat!

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