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Neutrals & Bronzing are in this year

September 03 2020

Neutrals & Bronzing are in this year | Caribbeantan

Neutrals & Bronzing are in this year | Caribbeantan

Gone are the days of cakey base and clumpy mascara, masses of smudged kohl and layers of thick eyeshadow.

One: the 80s are over – for the time being, at least.

Two – ain’t nobody got time for that! We’re a busy people – make-up shouldn’t take 2 hours every morning.

Three: it’s all about embracing your natural beauty, because we are all goddesses, with or without make-up! #GRLPWR! Thankfully this year fashion and beauty trends are all about neutrals and working that natural, fresh-looking glow.

First things first

Before you do anything else, make sure you’ve got an all-over, subtle glow. Caribbeantan Self Tanning Spritzer is the ideal solution for this – it’s gentle, effective, and super easy to apply. The results? Bronzed, but in an oh-so-casual, totally natural looking way.


Next up

When it comes to make-up, keep it low key. BB Cream is perfect for the daytime, but make sure it contains sunscreen. If not, apply your sunscreen before your BB cream (or tinted moisturizer). For those sweltering hot summer days, and to keep everything in place, lightly apply translucent powder with a brush to your oil-prone areas (i.e. the T-zone).

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Neutral vibes

Add a little neutral brown or pink (depending on your skin type and tone) to your eyelids, finishing off with very light, almost-not-there mascara. Make that ‘Blue Steel’ face and apply bronzing powder to the hollow parts of your cheek, and lightly on areas that would naturally be more tanned if exposed to the sun.

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Finishing touches

Highlighter and Shimmer cream is an essential part of that glowy, summertime-goddess, yes-I-was-born-like-this look. Use the Shimmer cream on your shoulders and collarbone to accentuate your natural beauty! Sweep the highlighter across the top of your cheeks (i.e. diagonally from the apple of your cheeks towards your temples) and blend. Apply lightly to your cupid’s bow, the bridge of your nose, and across your forehead.

Shimmer Cream



1 comment

  • Leilanie de Andrade: February 19, 2018

    Hi there, I have been using your shimmering lotion and the Spitzer spray for nearly 6 years and I love it!!! I have send a suggestion before that you should consider a ‘shimmering lotion’ without the shimmer. In the mornings for a high tea I want the color but not the shimmer… I hope you understand.. some occasions asks for less bling..
    Kind regards Leilanie

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