• Getting Bronzed Up on Black Friday

    Sometimes the stars align magically, and everything just seems to work out perfectly. How else would you explain the coincidence of the most AMAZING Black Friday sale on the best tanning products happening right before the best summer of your life? Caribbeantan is going ALL out and offering unbel... View Post
  • Scrub Away The Winter Skin

    Taking Care Of Your Skin Oh, the joys of having winter pass by and having summer knock on our doors, only to realize that winter left you a little gift dry, winter skin. Cold weather dries out our skin and our skin takes a serious beating, leaving it flaky and cracked-not a cute look. It’s import... View Post
  • I Used The Bronzing Lotion For 1 Week

    A one-night glow is what I like to call it. Let’s rewind, shall we? About two months ago, I arrived back from a summer holiday in Greece and while the memories will last forever, unfortunately, the tan will eventually fade. I had a birthday party on Friday and with this warm weather, I just could... View Post