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Orange is NOT the New Black!

September 03 2020

Orange is NOT the New Black! | Caribbeantan

Orange is NOT the New Black! | Caribbeantan

When you think of a beautiful tan, who springs to mind? Is it Jennifer Aniston’s gorgeous golden glow, or Eva Longoria’s beautiful bronzed body? Whoever it is, we’re guessing Don Trump and Snooki do not make an appearance. It’s official – orange is definitely not ‘fetch’. Don’t try to make it a thing. Here are 5 easy ways to avoid it:

5 Ways to Avoid the Orange Tan 

1 Know your skin-type

Knowing your skin type is the best starting point for any self-tan regime. Once you establish this, you’re on your way to tan-perfection!

2 Choose the right product

When you know your skin type, you’ll be able to choose the product that matches accordingly. Choosing a product too dark for your natural complexion is a sure way to turn out looking more Oros man than Greek goddess.

Self Tanners  | Tan x tenders 


3 Exfoliate

If you want to avoid streaks and weird patches, exfoliation is the way to go. Scrub your way to glamorous skin with Caribbean Tan’s smells-so-good-I-want-to-eat-it Cinnamon & Coconut exfoliator.

4 Maintain your tan

Once your skin is freshly exfoliated, make sure you’re properly moisturised. Use a little body butter on typically dry areas like elbows, knees and ankles. Soft, healthy skin will carry a tan for longer. For quick touch-ups, use tanning wipes on areas that need a little extra attention.

5 Choose a quality brand

Ultimately, all of these steps are futile if you’ve chosen a bad quality product. Thankfully, getting a beautiful tan doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. That’s where Caribbean Tan comes in – the affordable, effective answer to the perfect at-home tan.

Psst - all Caribbean Tan products are orange-proof and streak-free! 





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