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How to Get Your Summer Glow On!

September 03 2020

How to Get Your Summer Glow On! | Caribbeantan

How to Get Your Summer Glow On! | Caribbeantan

Get a Glow on the Go!

We’ve all been there – suddenly, your beach holiday is a few short days away, or summer temperatures start appearing out of nowhere, and you’re left feeling wildly unprepared for bikinis and skirts. Stuck at home, in the office, or with very little time, your options are limited. Luckily, we have the solution to a quick-fix summer bod.

5 Steps to Getting Beach Ready in Less than a Day!

Scrub! (Scrub to the left, scrub to the right!)

Whether winter has taken its toll, or you’re just a little behind in the personal-grooming area, the best way to spruce up tired looking skin is to give it a good scrub. Exfoliators like our Cinnamon & Coconut Scrub get rid of tired, dead skin cells, allowing your skin to look more healthy and radiant.


Shaving is best done after you’ve exfoliated, and it’s necessary if you’ve been hiding in skinnies and tights for months. Once dead skin is removed, your razor can shave closer to the skin, giving you a smoother, softer result. Silky legs, we’re coming for you! 



Once your winter legs have been tamed, get your hands on a super moisturising body butter or cream. Winter is particularly hard on elbows, knees and ankles, so make sure you give those drier areas extra love.

(Hint: Shimmer Cream Helps…A Lot!)


Grab your favourite Caribbean Tan product, and follow the instructions to achieve a golden tan. We have products that get to work in mere minutes for those with even less time to spare, and products that take a few hours to settle in. Either way, you’ll be looking beach-ready in record time.


You’re pretty much good to go – now it’s time for final touches. Treat yourself to Shimmer Cream (our number one summer ‘must have’) for a beautiful, subtle glamorous glow. Suitable for any occasion, our Shimmer Cream has just the right amount of sparkle to even out skin-tone, making tiny imperfections even less noticeable.


That’s it – you’re ready to glow!



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