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Say Hello to the NEW Exfolia Pouch

September 03 2020

Say Hello to the NEW Exfolia Pouch | Caribbeantan

Say Hello to the NEW Exfolia Pouch | Caribbeantan

Hello NEW Exfolia Pouch!

Caribbeantan has always been more than just another beauty brand – it’s a brand that promotes not only confidence and glamour, but protecting your skin and your health, too. In the same way we believe your gorgeous tan shouldn’t come at the expense of your skin’s health, Caribbeantan also believes that our products shouldn’t come at the expense of the planet, which is why we’re committed to being more environmentally conscious, wherever possible.

Less plastic

We love this earth, which is why we strive to use less plastic in our products. In line with this commitment, we’re saying goodbye to the old Exfolia tub, and hello to our new and improved Exfolia packaging. The new design cuts down on plastic by 50%, promoting sustainability and giving you a much easier to use, leak-proof product in the process – win-win, right?!

Cruelty FREE

Caribbeantan is fiercely against animal testing of any kind. We do not believe that animals should suffer at our expense, so we say NO to animal testing. We are a proudly cruelty free company, so if you too prefer to be fabulous without harming animals in the process, then you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that Caribbeantan won’t cross that line. 

Supporting local

We are a proudly South African company. To us, that doesn’t just mean loving our country; it means putting our money where our mouth is by supporting local. Our Exfolia product is the perfect example of this – all luxurious ingredients are locally sourced and produced. When you buy Caribbeantan, you invest in our beautiful country.



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