Is Self Tanning Safe for Pregnancy?

Beyoncé has taught us that being pregnant can be the most fabulous time of your life. She showed us how to embrace the bulge, live large, and celebrate the awesome things your beautiful bod is capable of! Pregnancy is a time to do what makes you feel good (provided, of course, that it’s good for baby, too) – i.e. whatever makes you feel like the queen you are. So, for all those preggers tan-fans out there – what’s the deal with spray tanning and pregnancy?


Play it safe

So far, there is no evidence that spray tanning is bad for you or your baby during pregnancy. HOWEVER – this is not a time to take any risks (even small ones) so as a precaution it is not recommended to get a spray tan whilst pregnant. Sad, but better safe than sorry.

Try to avoid professional spray tanning and any aerosol spray tan's you want to avoid inhaling the fumes while pregnant, so stick to our Spritzer or Gradual Mousse

Do a patch test on your arm because, during pregnancy, your hormones are all over the place and can affect the colour of your tan.


Baby Momma Glam

Caribbean Tan Gradual Tanning Mousse is your best bet while pregnant – easy to apply (while you’re still able to reach your lower legs, that is), this forgiving product will give you the glamourous all-over-glow to enhance your natural momma-to-be radiance.

In addition to the Gradual Tanning Mousse, using Caribbean Tan Shimmer Cream is a perfectly safe (and gorgeous) alternative to getting a bronzed body. Look and feel ultra-chic with this subtly sparkling, instantly-more-tanned miracle product that will smooth over any previous tan-imperfections and give your body the holiday-skin finish it deserves.


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