Why Shimmer Is Your Best Friend This Spring

Short Dress or Long Denims 

After winter, it’s time to get those dresses out and get ready for special occasions and the warmer weather. There’s only one problem- your skin hasn’t seen sunshine in a while and your body is pasty so you decide to stick to your long denims instead.

Don’t let this stop you from enjoying all the perks of Springtime. We have the perfect product that will leave your skin glowing, bronzy and you’ll feel gorgeous and confident.

Say Hello To Shimmer Lotion

We present to you our Caribbeantan Shimmer Cream. This cream is a tinted body bronzer with ultra-fine sparkles that will not only give your skin a beautiful colour, but also a subtle luminous glow that evens out your skin tone and makes small imperfections less noticeable. Our Shimmer Cream is also moisturising which will help prolong the life of a tan. We don’t know how to say this, but this might just become your Holy Grail lotion.

Shop this for ONLY R89.95


  • Posted by Mollie on

    I love it, I’m interested

  • Posted by Mildred on

    Wil the lotion cover my blue fine veins, I’m a coulerd woman

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