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How to Get A Beach Ready Body!

September 03 2020

How to Get A Beach Ready Body! | Caribbeantan

How to Get A Beach Ready Body! | Caribbeantan

Summer is getting closer every day, and the time to release your inner golden goddess is near! Feeling a little less than beach-ready? Don’t freak – we got this. Getting your body haaat for the beach is beyond doable.

If you have more than a few weeks…


This is the ideal scenario for achieving a gorgeous summer aesthetic. The best place to begin, as always, is EXERCISE! You probably already know this, but the ultimate beach body requires a little effort. And we really do mean a little! Check out the awesome Cassey Ho on – her online POP Pilates classes are amazing, and she’ll show you how to get a firm booty in just 20 minutes a day. If Pilates ain’t your thang, give ‘Yoga with Adriene’ a try. Her abs are goals. Period.

If you only have a week…


Focus on eating less carbs, drinking more water, and staying away from sugar and alcohol. This may sound like a chore, but it’s the best way to make sure you’re looking fresh and bikini gorgeous in a short space of time. Squeeze in some exercise if possible, and definitely get a mani-pedi if your budget allows it.

If you have a week or less…


Good news - you can still be a beautiful beach babe in just a few days! First step: grab your fave exfoliating scrub, and go to town on that dead skin. Next: shave, moisturise, and then letting your skin chillax for a few hours. Once that’s done, grab your Caribbean Tan mousse or cream and cover yourself from head to toe. In a few short hours, you’ll be a glowing goddess, ready to take the beach by storm!




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