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Mrs SA Self-Tanning Beauty Tips

September 03 2020

Mrs SA Self-Tanning Beauty Tips | Caribbeantan

Mrs SA Self-Tanning Beauty Tips | Caribbeantan

Introducing Mrs South Africa 2018, Nicole Capper

Mrs South Africa 2018 Nicole Capper is a woman of many talents, and being the real-life goddess that she is, she somehow manages to look unbelievably fabulous while juggling an incredibly full life. Aside from being married and raising two kids (a fulltime job in itself), Nicole models, speaks at events, runs a guesthouse, and is a functional medicine pharmacist. This diverse powerhouse of a woman founded ‘Inside Out’, an organization that connects kids to their sports and business idols through school events. She is also passionate about health and rare disease awareness and is driven to share this passion with others in whatever way she can.


Photo credit: Brendan Croft

Nicole’s Top 5 Self-Tanning Tips

According to Nicole, we can all achieve a Mrs South Africa tan. Here’s how she achieves her flawless glow:

1.      Exfoliate, Shave, Moisturise.

caribbean tan

In that order. If your skin is dry, it’ll absorb more self-tan, but not in the way you might like: it’s likely it’ll result in dark, uneven patches. So scrub your beautiful skin, shave, and moisturize generously!

2.      Practise a Little Patience!

If you want a really good, even, long-lasting tan, following the package instructions is really the only way to go. Exfoliate, shave, moisturize, and then wait the appropriate 6-8 hours. Your skin is sensitive after being shaved - let it breathe! You also don’t want to apply self-tan straight after your shower, because you need to be 100% dry and (ideally) not inclined to perspire.

3.      Vaseline Queen

The great thing about Caribbean Tan products is that they’re safe to use on your face. If you want to make sure you don’t get any strange patches, apply a little Vaseline to your hairline and eyebrows before application – works like a charm!

4.      Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

When you need a slightly more intense tan (i.e. the kind that will withstand harsh stage lighting), Pure Pigment Darkening Drops are your best friend. These work best with Caribbean Tan’s Instant Tanning Spritzer, and you should definitely attempt a test patch before going all-out, but that said, it really is the most effective way to achieve a pageant-ready glow!

5.      Add a Hint of Sparkle

The last thing I would do before flaunting my perfect tan is applying Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream all over. It adds a subtle glimmer to your already bronzed skin and ‘airbrushes’ small imperfections, giving you a healthy, radiant glow that will have jaws dropping.  


We asked Mrs South Africa Finalists how they felt after a Caribbean Tan:



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