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The Product Every Fitness Junkie Needs

September 03 2020

The Product Every Fitness Junkie Needs | Caribbeantan

The Product Every Fitness Junkie Needs | Caribbeantan

Fitness fam, this one’s for you! If you’re looking to take your beautiful bronzed bod to the next level, it’s time to welcome Pure Pigment Darkening Drops to your life.

If you’re in the world of fitness or bodybuilding, dancing or gymnastics, you’ll know that the key to popping on stage is having the ultimate deep tan. And no – we’re not talking about looking like an orange popsicle.


Caribbean Tan’s professional darkening drops will enhance your tan, taking it to the next level when you really need to stand out from the crowd. No streaks, no orange – just a deeper, darker, richer-looking bronze.


Each drop of this amazing pure pigment tanning booster makes your initial tan darker. They can be added to your tanning solution (Spritzer or Professional) or to the Tinted Body Shimmer cream.


It’s totally up to you - the more drops you add, the darker it gets. It’s literally that simple.





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