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I tried Caribbean Tan Mousse for a week

September 03 2020

I tried Caribbean Tan Mousse for a week | Caribbeantan

I tried Caribbean Tan Mousse for a week | Caribbeantan

I accepted I would be pale forever

I’m pale as all heck, and take forever to develop a natural tan. In fact, it’s much more likely I’ll just burn and then peel, even if I tan slowly and incrementally. A dermatologist once told me I should wear SPF 100 because I’m that pale (I also have a lot of ‘beauty spots’ all over, which shouldn’t really be exposed to too much sun).

So I’d accepted the fact that I’d be a milky mofo for the rest of my life, and planned to spend the rest of my life hiding under an umbrella, until I discovered Caribbeantan. I’ve tried other self-tanning products before, so I was majorly sceptical. I hated the way they smelt (that weird, peppery, chemical smell), the orangey results, and the streakiness. My expectations were pretty low, to say the least. 


The very first thing I noticed

The first thing I noticed when I used the Gradual Bronzing Mousse for the first time: it smelt pretty good – more like suncream than self-tan. The smell also didn’t linger for as long as most self-tan products. The second thing I noticed: I didn’t feel sticky or greasy at all! The formula absorbs freakishly fast, which means you don’t need to stand around naked for hours or, alternatively, risk getting weird brown stains all over your clothes.

caribbean tan

The day after my first application, I didn’t notice a dramatic result, but my colleagues at work commented that I was looking healthy and ‘glowy’. Being a skin type A, I hadn’t expected that I’d go from Snow White to Eva Mendes in a day, so I was happy with this.

I was getting an all over, subtle, natural-looking tan 

After my second application, my tan became much more noticeable. I looked like I’d spent the weekend in the sun, but with way better results than my skin would normally rock (i.e. not bright red and crackly).

The third time I applied the mousse, my calves started catching up to the rest of my body. Even when I actually am a little darker, my lower legs always remain pale, so I was psyched to see that I was getting an all-over, subtle, natural-looking tan.

Total Miracle 

After a whole week, I must say, I’m a total Caribbeantan convert. The effort required was minimal (perfect for a lazy gal like me); my clothing and bedding weren’t streaked with product, and I didn’t look orange or streaky. Total miracle! I’d definitely recommend this product if you’re super pale like me and have a few days to work on your at-home tan.





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