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Shimmer Cream Bronzing droplets

September 03 2020

Shimmer Cream Bronzing droplets | Caribbeantan

Shimmer Cream Bronzing droplets | Caribbeantan

Shimmer what?

Shimmer Cream is a curious product – it’s something that, until you use it, you don’t realise how much you’ve always needed it. Once you’ve used it, it becomes that thing your summer travel bag will never be without. It will be the finishing touch to your everyday – and every night – look. It’ll be the reason people stop and stare. It’ll be the thing you tell your friends they have to try. Here’s why,


Magic in a tube

Shimmer Cream is the perfect summer beauty product – it takes your natural or at-home self-tan to another level. This bronzing cream immediately deepens your tan by at least one or two levels. Even better – if your tan is uneven, this magical stuff evens it right out, sneakily disguising any imperfections and giving you that catwalk-ready, airbrushed look.



As though that wasn’t enough, Shimmer Cream adds a little extra glamour to your skin with extremely fine, ultra-subtle sparkling particles. You’ll be turning heads with barely any effort at all.


The secret to a darker tone:

For those in the know, Shimmer Cream has another quite useful function. Tan-fans may already have discovered how useful Shimmer Cream is for achieving an even deeper, richer, more intense tan. The trick: add Pure Pigment Darkening Drops mix thoroughly and apply to your skin, making sure to do so in an even, circular motion (skin prep basics are essential, of course, and should be done before this). This is ideal for quick, effective results.




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