Tanning Tips

Caribbeantan Tanning Tips

Pre-tan Skin Preparation


Pretan Tips


Dry, dead skin cells absorb self-tan like a sponge and create those horrible dark patches (you know, the muddy looking knees, ankles and elbows). Our Cinnamon & Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfolia will remove dead skin cells so that you are left with a silky-smooth canvas, ready for a self-tan application. The natural sugar exfoliators are sure to give your skin a good buff and jojoba oil will restore moisture to your skin. (great to use even when you are not planning a self-tan application).

 Caribbeantan Exfolia

 Pretan tips


Tan Application

Use a mirror

Apply tan in front of a mirror.  Once you are done with a body area, check in the mirror to see if you have missed any areas.


Face tan

Of course, Caribbeantan can be used on the face.  Check out these great how to videos:


If you decide not to tan your face.  Ensure that you have a darker foundation handy to match to the new gorgeous tanned body.


Where to start applying

Apply from the feet upwards and end with your arms.  This is to ensure no fold/crease marks in the tan.  Always apply in circular motions to avoid the dreaded self tan streaks.

 Where to start Caribbeantan self tan application

How to apply

Mousse  Spritzer  Tan in a Can  


Post Tan Maintenance

Keeping a tan for longer

Your tan can last 8-10 days!  The trick?  All the above mentioned and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  You need to keep your skin from naturally exfoliating too soon.  Apply the Caribbeantan Hydrating Body Butter from the day after your tan and every day thereafter to condition and moisturize the skin.  The amazing Shimmer Cream has the same condition ingredients as the Body Butter but with an added tint and glorious gold shimmer.

 Caribbeantan Body Butter


  • Do not take long baths.
  • Don’t swim for long periods.
  • Don’t do activities that cause one to perspire a lot in one area (you can patch up areas with a gradual tanner).
 Do enjoy looking amazing in your own skin!


Tanning during pregnancy

Please do check with your Doctor before using any products you are not sure of.

As far as we know it is safe to use Caribbean tan products from the 2nd trimester – but only the Spritzer and the Mousse.  Avoid Professional spray tans and aerosol applications.

During pregnancy, your pregnancy hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormones may be ‘all over the place. So, the shade you normally use may not be correct.

You will need to do a patch test.  If you usually use B, try an A.  The hormones may affect final tan colour and we do not want you going orange.  If the A is too light, then try a B.  Or skin the self-tan completely and lather up the Bronzing Lotion.  It’s an instant colour without DHA – so you can wear today and wash off at night.

 Self tan during pregnancy

Contouring with tan

The great thing about self-tan is that you can use it to create darker areas and give the illusion of slimmer or more toned areas.

Contouring Tutorial


Darker tans are possible

Always use the correct shade for your skin colour.  Do not use a darker colour shade because you want to go darker.  No.  You will end up looking like an Oompaloompa.  The ABC shade system has been formulated specifically considering the melanin in one’s natural skin tone and the amount that will work best to deliver a natural looking tan.  

Once you have tanned, you may decide that you want to be a shade darker.  Its possible.  Wait 24 hours since your first tan and then apply a second layer of tan in the same shade that you used previously.  You will go a shade darker. 


A darker initial tan is also possible. 😊 Add 5 to 10 drops of Caribbeantan Pure Pigment Darkening drops to your Tanning Spritzer for a darker initial shade.  The more you add the darker the initial tan.  This is GREAT news for body builders and dancers.  You can have a super dark initial tan, then once you shower you will be left with a gorgeous natural looking tan.



Getting the Most out of your Product

Getting the most out of your Caribbeantan products