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Scrub Away The Winter Skin

October 18 2019

Scrub Away The Winter Skin | Caribbeantan

Scrub Away The Winter Skin | Caribbeantan

Taking Care Of Your Skin

Oh, the joys of having winter pass by and having summer knock on our doors, only to realize that winter left you a little gift dry, winter skin. Cold weather dries out our skin and our skin takes a serious beating, leaving it flaky and cracked-not a cute look. It’s important to have exfoliation as part of your skincare routine and scrub away dead skin and we’re going to tell you why.


Exfoliate & Say No To Dry Skin

Cinnamon Coconut Jojoba Oil Exfoliator R69.95

Exfoliating Helps Replenish Your Skin Our skin is dehydrated in winter, so you’ll want to scrub away the dead skin cells so that you can make way for newer, happier and healthier skin cells. Exfoliating also helps improve the effectiveness of body moisturisers. Dead skin cells act as a barrier and prevent moisture from reaching the other layers in your skin. What’s the point of having a good moisturiser if it cannot be used to its full potential? Exfoliation comes in to save the day (and your skin).


Our Cinnamon & Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfolia will remove dead skin cells and will also prep your skin for self-tanning. The natural sugar exfoliators are sure to give your skin a good buff and jojoba oil will restore moisture to your skin, leaving it silky- smooth. Talking About Moisture And Silky-Smooth Skin After exfoliating the skin it’s important to add some extra moisture. Have a pamper evening where you do the most and treat your skin to a rich body butter.


Butter up, Buttercup!

Honey Infused Cranberry Body Butter R79.95

Our Milk & Honey Hydrating Body Butter will bring your skin to life. Your skin is nourished and as a bonus, the ingredients in this body butter will help prolong the life of your tan. Remember, moisturised skin equals an everlasting tan. The anti-aging ingredients will also help the skin’s elasticity. Can we get a “yaaas queen”? Out With The Old & In With The New Say goodbye to winter and leave you skins past life in the past. Your healthier skin will shine through leaving it glowing, even and smooth. Just like Ariana Grande would say…”I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.”



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