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I Used The Bronzing Lotion For 1 Week

September 20 2019

I Used The Bronzing Lotion For 1 Week | Caribbeantan

I Used The Bronzing Lotion For 1 Week | Caribbeantan

An honest review by a tan fan

A one-night glow is what I like to call it. Let’s rewind, shall we? About two months ago, I arrived back from a summer holiday in Greece and while the memories will last forever, unfortunately, the tan will eventually fade.

I had a birthday party on Friday and with this warm weather, I just couldn’t wait to ditch the winter clothes and go for a little black dress. There was one problem- my tan has faded and I’m not looking all bronzy as I did in Mykonos.

The solution? My NEW Caribbeantan Instant Body Bronzer lotion! Let’s emphasise the word instant. I quickly applied this body bronzer to my chest, arms and legs and voila- you would swear I just came back from Greece. First thing I noticed was that it’s super easy to blend and the alluring scent of this lotion will have your imagination on a tropical island.


Off I went to the party and my friends couldn’t believe that my skin is still so sun-kissed. But ofcourse, I did let them in on my little secret. After this, I soon realised that this body bronzer is all that I’ve ever needed in my life. I felt like a sun goddess if I’m totally honest with you. I knew that

I’ll be using this lotion a lot- and that’s exactly what I did for the past week.

The weekend arrived, we had a braai with family and friends and I couldn’t wait to wear my favourite skirts because I had all the confidence in the world knowing that I’ll be tanned in an instant. I just quickly applied the body bronzer and I was good to go. During the week, I had meetings and errands to run so this bronzing lotion was perfect.


What I love about this lotion is that it is perfect for the day or night out. It has an SPF of 20, so not only will your skin be protected, but it will be golden too. This lotion contains cranberry seed to improve skin elasticity and shea butter to nourish and moisturise the skin. To apply this lotion, you can use your hand, but my suggestion would be to use a mitt.

I applied the body bronzer all over my body in circular motions, but made sure to go lightly over my elbows, knees and ankles. The colour is instant, your skin is moisturised and you’re ready to go flaunt your glow-up.

Caribbeantan’s new instant bronzer makes it super easy to have a summer glow all year round. You’re looking at a commitment-free, 10-second answer to looking less pale and more JLO-like in no time. Being part of the insta-satisfied generation, this is all I ever needed and it is my ultimate summertime vibe.




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