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Keeping Your Glow This Winter

July 09 2018

Keeping Your Glow This Winter | Caribbeantan

Keeping Your Glow This Winter | Caribbeantan

The leaves are turning golden, copper, and brown, but your skin did not get the memo! Well, guess what – you don’t have to lose your glow just because Summer’s over. Find out how to stay bronzed and babe-a-licious this winter!

Love your skin 356 days a year!


Loving the skin you’re in is key to rocking a tan all year round. This means no slacking during the cold months – it’s your responsibility to exfoliate and moisturize whether or not you’re strutting on the beach. Our Shimmer Cream is guaranteed to make you shine, even when the sun doesn’t.


Know your skin type!


Caribbeantan is a little different to regular self-tanning products: you choose the product that matches your actual skin, not the product that promises a particular shade. Caribbeantan is formulated to respond to your natural skin colour, ensuring a subtler, orange-proof, gorgeously natural looking result. Once you know your skin type (A, B, or C), all you need to do is choose the product you prefer (mousse or spray, gradual or instant) – whichever works best for you and your lifestyle.


Darken your tan!


Caribbeantan products are designed to give you a natural-looking tan, but if you want to go the extra mile to ensure a perfect result, get your hands on our Darkening Drops! This can be added to your tanning solution (Spritzer or Professional) or to the Tinted Body Shimmer cream to achieve a darker initial colour Remember to protect your palms and elbows from staining by applying our body butter!




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