The Fabulous Benefits of Running Your Own Salon Business



If you’re not the kind of person who likes to be stuck behind a desk all day, or you love a little variety in your work environment, then having a mobile career is ideal. You have the option to work somewhere different every day! Your office could be at someone’s home, at a wedding venue before the Big Day, or in a glamourous hotel before an event! At the same time, if you prefer to work from home, you have that option, too. The choice is yours!


Free training


When you purchase a Caribbeantan professional kit, we make sure you’re equipped to give the best possible tan experience to your customers by providing you with free training. That’s right – not only do you get a range of incredible professional products to kick-start your new career, but you get all the tools you need to be a tan expert. 



Whether you’re just testing the waters, supplementing another career or job, or going full-time, the beauty of running your own tanning or salon business is that you control the hours you work. You can work as much or as little as you want! Once you get the ball rolling, and start pulling in regular clients, you could be making anywhere up to R2000 a day. The point is, you set the pace.



If you enjoy working with people, and making them feel happy and beautiful, this is the career for you! You’ll be dealing with everyone from brides, matric students, holiday-makers, professional athletes and dancers…one thing’s for sure – you’ll meet a ton of people, and have a great time along the way.



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    Hi, i’m interested in buying tanning kit.
    Please send me details of training dates!

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    im interested

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