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How to Get a Natural Looking Self Tan

How-to-get-a-natural-looking-self-tanFollow these steps for a natural looking tan.

Step 1:  Identify your skin colour


Step 2:  Choose your application 

The Caribbeantan range is focused on choice.  We know everyone has different skin shades and different preferences for applying tan which is why we have loads of choices for you.

Choose between an instant or gradual tan.  Then, choose your application type – Spritzer, Mousse or Aerosol.



Instant gradual self tan

Gradual tan

The gradual tan will not tan you immediately.  Instead, you will see the tan start to develop after around 1-2 hours.  Our gradual tan solutions are clear and are perfect for an overnight application.  Usually used by tanning experts and those that like a light feeling, less sticky tan.

Instant tan

A gorgeous instant tan that is immediately visible.  Basically, it is the same ingredients as a gradual tan, but we added an immediate brown tint.  Great for self-tan newbies or if you need to be tanned right this minute.  The initial brown tint will wash off after your first shower and you will be left with your gorgeous glowing, tanned skin.

Step 3: Skin preparation 

Dry, dead skin cells absorb self-tan like a sponge and create those horrible dark patches (you know, the muddy looking knees, ankles and elbows).  Our Cinnamon & Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfolia will remove dead skin cells so that you are left with a silky-smooth canvas, ready for a self-tan application. The natural sugar exfoliators are sure to give your skin a good buff and jojoba oil will restore moisture to your skin. (great to use even when you are not planning a self-tan application)

 Caribbeantan exfolia scrub dead skin cells

Step 4:  Tan application

We know it can be a little daunting when applying self-tan for the first time.  That’s we have made these easy to follow instructions and videos. Also Check out our Hints and Tips page.

Check out our ‘How to’ videos for a step-by-step guide on how to achieve a beautiful bronze, without leaving your home.


Apply tanning spritzer   Apply Bronzing Mousse   Apply Tan in a Can

Step 5: Tan maintenance

Now that your tan has developed and you look like you have been vacationing in the Caribbean you need to start your tan maintenance routine to ensure that you keep the tan for as long as possible.

The Caribbeantan Milk & Honey Body Butter (with amazing ingredients like cranberry extract – great for skin firming and elasticity) will assist in keeping your skin hydrated and delay the natural skin exfoliation process, thereby extending the life of your tan.  

Our bestselling, Tinted Shimmer Cream, will turn your already beautiful tan into a golden goddess tan that even Greek Goddess Iris would be envious of.

The Shimmer Cream, also with cranberry extract, is formulated with just the right amount of micro-sparkles to hide small imperfections and give a luminous golden glow. 

  Caribbeantan self tan maintenance body butter shimmer cream