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Get #SunkissedSkin With Our Caribbeantan Handbag Essentials

September 03 2020

Get #SunkissedSkin With Our Caribbeantan Handbag Essentials | Caribbeantan

Get #SunkissedSkin With Our Caribbeantan Handbag Essentials | Caribbeantan

Picture the scene: your tan is on its last legs, you’ve completely forgotten you have an event to attend and you’re already running late. The answer? Our instant wash-off self-tanners, which will ensure you stay #BeautifullyBronzed.

Milk & Honey Hydrating Body Butter R79.95 

The key to extending the life of your tan is supple, hydrated skin. The Milk & Honey Hydrating Body Butter ensures that your skin is properly prepped, meaning no unsightly streaks, stains or patches once your self-tan is applied. Plus, its anti-ageing ingredients improve your skin’s elasticity and help to keep wrinkles at bay, too! Keep this in your bag at all times to use as a pre-treatment for the following wash-off tanners.


Tinted Shimmer Cream R89.95

Want a subtle glow without all the maintenance? The Tinted Shimmer Cream is ideal for those days when you need a dose of colour for your shoulders, chest and legs, but don’t want to commit to a full tan. Thanks to its micro sparkles, the shimmer cream is able to even out your skin tone, making small imperfections less noticeable and giving you an all-over goddess glow! Containing no harmful parabens and approved by PETA, you can rest assured that it is 100% safe to use. This baby is positively #GlitterGoals.


Pure Pigment Darkening Drops R99.95

Don’t have time to get a professional salon tan done and need to go a shade or two darker? Simply add a few drops of Pure Pigment Darkening Drops to your Spritzer or Tinted Shimmer Cream for an instantaneous tan. The best part about this tanning product is that it enables you to control exactly how much darker you want to go, so you have way less risk of looking like an oompa loompa.



Bronzing Lotion SPF20 R99.95

Packed with vitamin E, cranberry fruit extract and nourishing shea butter, our Bronzing Lotion combines the benefits of a luxurious moisturiser with a smooth and streakless tint, which can be applied and washed off daily. With a Sun Protection Factor of 20, you can still look great while staying protected from harmful UV rays.



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