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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my tan streaky?

Why is my tan patchy and how to fix it

Why do I need to exfoliate prior to tanning?

Why did my self-tan not result in a tan?

Can I tan whilst pregnant?

Will self-tan hide my stretch marks?

Can I apply self-tan to my face?

How do I remove my self-tan?

Will my tan go orange?

Which product is best for a beginner?

Why are my legs spotty!

I have dark skin, can I still tan?

How can I achieve a darker self tan?

How do I tan my feet?

How do I tan my hands?

Why do I need to use Body butter?

Will Caribbean tan stain my clothes/sheets?

How long after application before I can shower?

Which tan is best for my wedding day?

Can I use self-tan on a hairy chest?

How long does a self-tan last?

Can I use self-tan to contour?

How do I use the darkening drops?

Why is my self-tan green?

The nozzle is blocked

Why is my self-tan aerosol not working upside down?

Best way to apply the Bronzing Lotion?

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