Deluxe Home Tanning Kit - Instant Tan in a Can

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      Our Home Tanning Kit is the perfect bundle containing all you need for a flawless self tan and gorgeous glow.

      Consisting of:

      • 1 x Instant Tan in a Can in A, B or C.
      • 1 x Milk & Honey Body Butter
      • 1 x Shimmer Cream
      • 1 x Cinnamon and Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfolia
      • 1 x Application Mitt
      • 1 x Pure Pigment Darkening Drops
      • 1 x Caribbeantan Foot Towel

      You Save R81.75!

      Tan in a Can Instant Self Tan

      If you’re looking for a glorious glow that gives you an instant tan and will last up to 10 days, we have the answer.

      Specifically designed for those that need an immediate tan (great for hard to reach areas so perfect for a self-tan newbie) that’s streak-free, long-lasting and most importantly, never patchy. You’ll be completely obsessed with the colour too, with the ABC shade system, your tan is tailored to your natural skin colour, accentuating your natural skin tone.

      This instant tinted find spray self-tan Tan in a Can Aerosol is no one-trick pony.  It performs double duty while it nourishes with the goodness of Aloe Ferox Extract, it leaves behind a flawless, jaw dropping tan.  Formulated with eco certified DHA and erythulose for a natural looking faux glow.

      Wait 8 – 12 hours for that “just off the beach, pass me my poolside cocktail over here in my Caribbean villa” vibe.

      If you’re a long-term commitment kinda babe like us, you’ll love knowing that your best, glowing fake tan ever will last you up to 10 days – of course you need to be sure to commit to that tan maintenance schedule.

      With a tan this natural looking, you will have everyone fooled into thinking its real.

      The best part about our Tan in a Can?  It is cruelty free and paraben free.

      Skin type
      Anyone who needs a bit of colour in their life. 

      How often
      Whenever you’ve feel like you need a glow.  Or once a week to be certain of an all year tan.

      How long
      8 minutes to dry.  8-12 hours development.

      How to apply

      *Do not turn the can upside down during application.



      Milk & Honey Hydrating Body Butter 

      Indulge your skin daily with Caribbeantan Skin Hydrating Body Butter.  This glorious, velvety feeling Body Butter is your secret weapon to keeping your tan for up to 10 days.   

      Formulated with Cranberry seed extract known to be rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C, E and K and natural fatty acids to help improve skin elasticity and boost collagen production thereby assisting with the skins elasticity and wrinkling.   The best thing about this Body Butter - non greasy.  So you can lather up every day to keep your skin silky smooth, supple and moisturized without feeling greasy. 


      Skin Smoothing Exfolia - Pre-Tan Prep

      So you want a flawless golden tan?  

      One of the most important steps in your self tan application is to exfoliate beforehand.

      Our delectable smelling exfolia will remove dead skin cells so that you are left with a silky-smooth canvas, ready for a self-tan application.

      The natural sugar exfoliators are sure to give your skin a good buff and jojoba oil will restore moisture to your skin. (great to use even when you are not planning a self-tan application).

      Infused with rosemary leaf extract which is known to be rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, potassium, zinc, vitamin B1, vitamin B3 and Vitamin C.  It doesn't stop there babes, we have added in cinnamon which is known to improve blood flow to the surface of the skin - aiding in  keeping it hydrated. 

      So not only does our Exfolia smell good enough to eat, it's packed with yummy products that are great for your skin. 

       When to exfoliate?

      Exfoliate at least 6 hours before applying self tan.  Exfoliating opens the skin pores and should you apply tan too soon after exfoliating - you will end up looking spotty. No one wants a spotty tan:)

      Jojoba oil restores moisture to ensure a smooth skin. 

      The secret to a gorgeous tan is exfoliator! 

      Tinted Body Bronzer Shimmer Cream - Wash off

      Every woman should have one of these in her cosmetic drawer!  

      This velvety smooth Shimmer Cream enhances and illuminates your self tan, creating a beautiful glow. 

      Of course its not only to be worn with a self tan.  Wear the shimmer on its own to deepen your natural skin colour and add glow. 

      With just the right amount of micro-sparkles, this Shimmer Cream, formulated with Cranberry seed extract known to be rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C, E and K and natural fatty acids to help improve skin elasticity and boost collagen production thereby assisting with the skins elasticity and wrinkling is the perfect accompaniment for a night out.  Or, you can just put it on to feel EXTRA.  The added Vitamin E has the capability to increase moisture on the skin.  

      So, your skin will look amazing and you will be giving it the extra nourishment it needs.  Apply instead of the Body Butter to keep your skin moisturized and extend the life of your tan. 


      Apply the Shimmer Cream with a Tanning Mitt to avoid stained hands.
      Will wash off after first shower.


      Pure Pigment Darkening drops

      These pure colour drops take your tan from natural golden bronze, to va va voom - I spent my entire summer on the beach - all day, every day, and have the darkest ever tan to show....

      Depending on the amount of drops used, these drops are great to add colour to a normal self tan for dance or body building events.

      How to use? 

      Add 1-5 drops to the usual amount of shimmer cream that you would use for a full body application.  You can add more or less depending on the colour desired.

      Add 6-20 drops - depending on the amount of Spritzer solution being used.  The more drops added, the darker the initial tan. 
      The best thing about these drops - great for contouring.  

      *These drops will darken the initial tan colour and not affect the final self tan colour result.  

      Add to your salon solution to boost and darken the colour of your final tan.  Great for bodybuilders.

      Foot towel

      A great addition to your tanning regime.  

      Stand on the dark brown Caribbeantan towel when applying your self tan and protect your floor from over spray or use in the bottom of your tanning tent to lessen clean up. 

      Size:  50x90cm


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