• Beach-Ready Bundle

Beach-Ready Bundle

R 319.85

R 299.95

The limited-edition Caribbeantan Beach Bundle contains everything you will need for a natural tan. Caribbeantan Skin Smoothing Exfolia prepares your skin for the ultimate Caribbean Tan experience. Natural sugar exfoliators remove dead skin cells to create a perfect canvas for an even lasting tan.

Tan in a Can Gradual is an easy to apply fine untinted mist that develops into a gorgeous natural-looking seamless tan over 8 hours. Ideal for those difficult to reach places.

The NEW SPF Bronzer with a Sun Protective Factor of 20, this new formula protects your skin from harmful sun exposure and treats your skin with multiple nourishing ingredients such as: Vitamin E, a super skin antioxidant that neutralises free radicals to help prevent your skin cells from damage. Essential Cranberry Fruit Extract, rich in vitamin C to encourage collagen production that improves the skin’s elasticity.

The bundle contains the following products:

  • X1 Cinnamon Coconut Exfolia
  • X1 NEW SPF Bronzing Lotion Wash Off Tanner 
  • X1 Tan In A Can Gradual Self Tan 
  • X1 Stylish Nett Hand Bag