How To Get a Caribbeantan

STEP 1: Exfoliate 

Our Cinnamon & Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfolia will remove dead skin cells and will also prep your skin for self-tanning. The natural sugar exfoliators are sure to give your skin a good buff and jojoba oil will restore moisture to your skin, leaving it silky- smooth. Dead skin cells act as a barrier and prevent moisture from reaching the other layers in your skin. 

STEP 2: Find Your Skin Type

Be sure to choose the product that matches your current skin colour, not the colour you wish to be. Choosing the colour that best represents your current shade will ensure a natural looking tan and eliminates the risk of turning orange. Remember to exfoliate before you apply your tanning product to create a smooth and even tan.

STEP 3: Choose Your Product

Our self-tan range is divided into 2 main categories. We have the Instant Range for an immediate lasting tanning effect that will change the tan of your skin within 6 to 8 hours. Our other category in the Gradual Range that is preferred by tan experts.

Instant Tan 

An instant tan is best suited if you require an immediate effect for an evening out
or special event. The instant tan still contains all the ingredients of the gradual
product, leaving you with the benefits of the gradual tan after the first wash. 
The active ingredients start creating the tan underneath the superficial colour within
1 - 2 hours. After your first shower, the colour will wash out and you will be
left with a longer-lasting, more natural looking tan.

Gradual Tan 

Our gradual tans are a clear solution so you will not see an immediate difference.
The tanning solution will begin developing your tan after an hour or two and will
continue to develop over 8 hours. The benefit of a gradual tan is that possible
overspray is prevented. Additionally, it also has the benefit of feeling light and
not sticky on the skin.

STEP 4: Application

You don’t need a salon to get the perfect sunless tan – you just need Caribbean Tan, and a pair of hands. Check out our ‘How to’ videos for a step-by-step guide on how to achieve a beautiful bronze, without leaving your home.

How to apply Gradual Bronzing Mousse - How to apply Self Tanning Spritzer - How to apply Tan-in-a-can Aerosol 

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STEP 5: Maintain

Once your tan has taken hold after 8 hours of development post application, you can extend your tan using the Caribbeantan Shimmer Lotion that will prolong and enhance your golden glow. This magical product deepens the colour of your tan and blends in any small imperfections, giving you a read-carpet-ready, air brushed look.  It also adds a subtle hint of sparkle, taking you tan to the next level for jaw-dropping results. 


You can also indulge your skin daily with Caribbeantan Skin Hydrating Body Butter. It's scientifically formulated ingredients significantly prolong the life of your tan while nourishing and moisturizing your skin. Anti-aging ingredients help the skin's elasticity and wrinkling.