FAQ'S Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my tan streaky?

The most common reason for a streaky tan is application error.

  • Application:  do not apply the tan in ‘up and down’ strokes, instead apply using circular motions.
  • Too little tan:  Not using enough tan product on your skin will result in streaks since not all areas are being covered with tan.  Areas without tan will appear much lighter.  

Why is my tan patchy?

There are 3 main reasons for a patchy tan:

o    Not exfoliating properly/enough.  The dry skin absorbs self-tan and this dry skin will therefore look darker.  This skin will also be the first to naturally exfoliate which can result in white patches.

o    Uneven application.  Applying more tan in one spot will result in a darker patch.

o    Other products. If the skin is not completely clean of all oils or moisturizers you may develop patches in those areas. 


How to fix a patchy tan

We suggest waiting for the tan to fade, exfoliating each day to lighten the tan.  Before applying self-tan pay attention to your driest areas like ankles, elbows and knees. You can apply a light moisturizer or a thin layer of Caribbean tan Milk and Honey Body butter to the drier areas prior to tan application.

Why exfoliate

Exfoliating should be done once a week to ensure a smooth beautiful skin. 

Exfoliate at least 6 hours before applying self-tan and then again after 1 week. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells which absorb self-tan and can result in dark patches, especially areas like elbows, knees and ankles.


Why did my self-tan not result in a tan?

There are a couple of reasons why your tan may not have developed.

  • The skin was not free of oil or moisturizer which prevented the self-tan from reaching the skin and developing.
  • Medication:  Some medications like hormone therapy can affect the skin and the tan will not develop.
  • Skin PH:  If the skin is not at the correct PH level when tan is applied, this may result in the tan not working optimally.
  • Showering before the recommended 8-12-hour development time.  Some skin needs more than 12 hours to develop.


Can I tan whilst pregnant? 

As far as we know it is safe to use Caribbean tan products from the 2nd trimester – but only the Spritzer and the Mousse.  Avoid Professional spray tans and aerosol applications.

Please do check with your Doctor before using any products you are not sure of. 

Although you may be used to tanning in a certain shade, that may change when you are pregnant.  During pregnancy, your pregnancy hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormones may be ‘all over the place. 

You will need to do a patch test.  If you usually use B, try an A.  The hormones may affect final tan colour and we do not want you going orange.  If the A is too light, then try a B. 

Once you have discovered which tan compliments your pregnancy hormones😊 please remember to keep applying the Caribbeantan Milk and Honey Body Butter.  Not only will this help to keep your tan for longer, but you can use this throughout your pregnancy to keep your skin moisturized and supple and help to prevent stretch marks.

Or, use the Caribbeantan wash off Bronzing lotion.  That way you are assured of a gorgeous tan colour and you can wash it off and apply again as you please.   Add a touch of glam with the gorgeous shimmer cream.


Will self-tan hide my stretch marks?

Caribbeantan will slightly hide your stretch marks but not cover them completely.

What we have found is that the best way to hide them is to apply the Caribbean tan Shimmer Cream or bronzing lotion over the area after your first shower - post self-tan application.

You can also use tissue oil on the area nightly to help lighten the marks. If they are still red, they may go much lighter.  Never expose them to the sun.

Please remember before applying your Caribbean tan to exfoliate with the Caribbean tan Cinnamon and Coconut Body exfoliator to remove all dead skin cells.   Failure to do so can result in patches and streaks.  Finally, lather your skin in the Caribbean tan Milk and Honey Body Butter at least every 2nd day to keep your skin moisturized and prolong your tan.


Can I apply self-tan to my face?

The Caribbean tan Bronzing Mousse, Tanning Spritzer and Tanning Wipes are best for facial application.

Ensure your face is well exfoliated and clean – free of any makeup or moisturizers etc.

If applying by hand use a very small amount of Mousse and rub between the palms of your hands and then apply sparingly to the face.  Ensure you apply to the ears and down the neck and blend, blend, blend!

When applying the Tanning Spritzer, apply to the face last.  Do not place any tanner product onto the mitt or face, instead, use what is left on the mitt after a body application and apply to the face.  Do not miss any spots and blend well up to the ears and down the neck and décolletage.

See our YouTube channel for hints, tips and application tutorials.

Tan in a Can: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9T4mV33L60

Spritzer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6B6aEOvIMU

Bronzing Mousse:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBfgp3ExnIk


How do I remove my self-tan?

Self-tan is designed not to come off easily (and on another occasion you will appreciate that it lasts up to two weeks when maintained)

There are a few things you can do to lighten the tan.

o   Exfoliate again to get rid of all dry skin.

o   Soak in long baths.  Prolonged exposure to lukewarm water will aid in your tan fading.

o   Apply Caribbean Tan Shimmer cream or bronzing lotion which will even out your skin tone, diverting from the streakiness. You could apply shimmer cream / bronzing lotion very lightly only in the areas that are lighter, wait 15min and then a second layer over the entire leg, the instant bronzing will darken the lighter areas and should have a balancing out effect.


Will my tan go orange?

Caribbean tan has been formulated with a unique ABC colour grading system.

The A shade colour is for light skin, B for medium skin tone and C for more olive naturally tanned skin.

When testing to find your colour, match the colour chart on the side of the box to your natural skin tone for best results and most natural-looking tan.  Using the wrong colour code for your natural skin colour can result in an orange hue.


Which product is best for a beginner?

Caribbean tan is available in either a gradual tan (which is clear in initial colour) or Instant tan (which goes on an instant brown colour).  Also, choose the A, B or C colour shade that is closest to your natural skin colour.

For beginners, we recommend either of the Instant tanners being The Tan in a Can or the Tanning Spritzer (which is is supplied with a free mitt and allows for a more controlled application).

Both have an initial colour which will allow one to see where the product has already been applied and not miss any areas. Perfect for those trying self-tan for the first time.

Ensure that you exfoliate using the Caribbean tan Cinnamon and coconut exfoliator at least 6 hours before tanning and keep your skin moisturized with the Caribbean tan Milk and Honey Body Butter.


Why are my legs spotty!

Shaving and exfoliating too soon before applying self-tan can result in your legs looking spotty.   Since the hair has been removed and the pores scrubbed and open, the tan will pool in the pores and result in dark spots once the tan has developed.  Please ensure at least 6 hours’ time lapse between shaving/exfoliating and applying tan to avoid such mishaps and ensure a beautiful, even, natural-looking tan.


I have dark skin, can I still tan?

Of course!  If your skin tone is darker than the colour of our C tan your skin will not go darker. Instead, the self-tan colour will even out your skin tone and add a beautiful almost golden ‘glow’ to your skin.  Many, many darker-skinned celebrities use self-tan to get the glow.  Please remember to exfoliate with the Cinnamon and Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfoliator before tanning.  Maintaining your tan is super easy with the Caribbeantan Milk and Honey Body Butter.


Can I make my tan darker?

It is indeed possible to make your tan darker. Once you have applied your Caribbeantan self-tan, wait for 24 hours and then apply a second layer in the same colour shade. 

Please do not use a colour shade that is darker than your natural skin colour since you can end up with a more orange looking tan.  Do not exfoliate between tans.  Just apply the second layer over the first post-shower tan. If you would like a darker initial tan, add a few drops of the Caribbean tan pigment darkening drops to your Spritzer or shimmer.

How do I tan my feet?

Tanning your feet is very simple although it can go quite wrong if the correct steps are not followed.  Ensure that you have previously exfoliated all the dry skin from your feet, paying attention to the ankles. If you have applied using a tanning mitt, then use what is leftover on the mitt and apply to the feet. If applying with an aerosol, then hold the can about 40cm away from your feet and spray lightly. 

How do I tan my hands?

Tanning your hands is very simple but may take a bit of practice to perfect.

Rub some petroleum jelly onto your nails to protect them from the tan colour. Ensure that your hands are exfoliated, and all dry skin removed.

When applying tan to your arms, pretend there is a ring around your wrists and apply tan up to that ring.  Once you have completed application to the arms, then spread the tan from the ‘imaginary rings’ onto your hands. 

If you are applying using an aerosol, then hold the can about 40cm away from your hands.  Make your hand in a ‘claw-like’ shape and spray very lightly.  Once you have spread the tan, then clean your nails and palms with a wet wipe or wash your palms with warm soapy water.


Why do I need to use Body butter?

If it very important to use the Caribbean tan Milk and Honey Body butter to prolong the life of your self-tan.  Since the skin naturally exfoliates every 28 days, the aim is always to keep the skin as moisturized as possible and delay the natural exfoliating process to prolong the tan colour and avoid patchy tan fading.  Apply at least every second day.


Will Caribbean tan stain my clothes/sheets?

Caribbean tan self-tan products are water-soluble and are safe on most fabrics and bedsheets.  However, please be careful with any tan spilling on carpeting, hair, white underwear, silk or any light-coloured fabrics.  It is best to sleep on a dark towel or old dark linen if applying the Instant tan at night.  Always wear dark clothing after applying tan. 

Caribbean tan shimmer cream and Bronzing lotion will stain your clothing so please be careful when wearing white after application.  Wait for the Bronzing Shimmer Cream to dry completely before wearing white.  If you perspire the Bronzing Shimmer Cream and bronzing lotion may stain your white underwear or clothing.


How long after application before I can shower?

Caribbean tan needs at least 8 – 12 hours for the tan to completely develop.  We recommend not showering or swimming before 8 hours.  Swimming before 8 hours can result in the tan washing off too soon and you will be left with a very light or no tan.


Which tan is best for my wedding day?

We recommend getting a professional spray tan for your wedding to ensure a seamless, beautiful tan.  Unless you are a regular home range tanner then, of course, you can use one of the DIY tans at home.  Please do a trial tan at least a week before your wedding. Then apply the final tan the day before your wedding.  You can use the shimmer cream for extra glow – but please ensure the shimmer is completely dry before putting on your dress.


Can I use self-tan on a hairy chest?

Yes, of course you can use our tanning products on a hairy chest.  Once you have applied the Caribbean tan, just dab the chest with a towel to remove excess product from the hair on the chest.  Please remember to apply your self-tan in circular motions and not rub up and down to prevent streaks.

How long does a self-tan last?

A Caribbean tan can last from 4 to 8 days depending on the maintenance.  Reasons why a tan can fade:

  • Not keeping the skin moisturized. The skin exfoliates naturally every 28 days. Keeping the skin super moisturized will keep the skin from exfoliating and help keep the tan for longer.
  • Baths:  taking long baths can fade the tan much quicker – rather take short showers.
  • Swimming:  swimming for long periods will fad the tan quicker.
  • Showering before the development time had passed.  Wait at least 8 hours before showering.  Some skin needs more time and can take up to 12 hours.


Can I use self-tan to contour?

The best product for contouring is the Caribbean tan Tanning Spritzer which is supplied with a free mitt.  This is the most controlled product to use to achieve a seamless contour.

Once you have already tanned your body you can add an extra contour layer. 

o   Thinner thighs:  apply a second layer of tan to the inner and outer thighs.  This will create the illusion of a thinner upper leg.

  • Breasts:  create a bigger cleavage by applying a second layer of tan in between the breasts.
  • Sides.  Create the illusion of a sculpted waist by adding a second layer to the sides of your waist.
  • Arms:  Sculpted looking arms are possible.  Apply tan to the underside of your arm/bicep.
  • Jaw line:  create a slimmer face by applying a second layer of tan to the underside of the jaw.


How do I use the darkening drops?

The Caribbean tan darkening drops are a favourite amongst our fitness, dancing and bodybuilding users. The darkening drops can be added to either the Shimmer cream or the Tanning Spritzer to darken the INITIAL tan colour.


Start with 1 – 5 drops of the Pure Pigment Darkening drops to the amount equivalent to one body application.

  • Do a patch test of the now darker Shimmer Cream on your arm and add more darkening drops until the desired colour is achieved.  Either mix in the palm of your hand or preferably in a glass bowl with a metal spoon. 

Tanning Spritzer: 

Add 6 – 20 drops of Pure Pigment darkening drops to 100ml Spritzer tan solution.  The more you add the darker your INITIAL tan will be.

  • 6 drops for a light tan.
  • 10 drops for a medium tan
  • 20 drops for a dark tan.

Product can be added either to the Spritzer bottle or to a glass bowl and mixed with a metal spoon.


Why is my self-tan green?

Exposure to sunlight or warm environments will turn the self- tan green.

Please always store your self-tan in a dark cool area.


My nozzle is blocked

Remove the nozzle and wash with warm water to remove the product.  Replace and use.


Why is my self-tan aerosol not working upside down?

The Tan in a Can will only work when spraying upright or at a slight angle left or right.

Do not turn upside down. This will expel the gas-only and you will be left with a can full of product but no aerosol gas rendering the product useless.


Bronzing lotion – best way to apply?

The best way to apply the bronzing lotion is to apply with a mitt or you can try latex gloves or a body makeup brush.  These methods will reduce the occurrence of stained hands.

If you are using your hands, ensure they are exfoliated and clean and wash thoroughly with warm water after use.

For a smoother application, apply a thin layer of untinted lotion to your skin beforehand.  This will ensure a smooth application and less product used.