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       Wash Off Tan Bundle

      Do you love tanned skin but don't have time for the pre-tan prep or the tan maintenance commitment?  Well then, this bundle is perfect for you!

      Purchase the Body Bronzer, Body Butter and the Mitt for ONLY R149,95!

      You SAVE 35%

       Body Bronzer SPF 20


      We have improved our gorgeous Body Bronzer with the addition of Extra Shea butter to ensure a smooth, silky application.  

      With a Sun Protective Factor of 20, this new formula protects your skin from harmful sun exposure and treats your skin with multiple nourishing ingredients such as: Vitamin E, a super skin antioxidant that neutralises free radicals to help prevent your skin cells from damage. Essential Cranberry Fruit Extract, rich in vitamin C to encourage collagen production that improves the skin’s elasticity.  The boosted collagen production helps to carry oxygen and nutrients to the skin, leaving it feeling ultra-soft to the touch, firm and fabulously glowing. Shea Butter moisturises & nourishes the skin and supports collagen production leaving the skin feeling soft and supple.

      For medium to olive skin tones.  

      Milk & Honey Skin Hydrating Body Butter

      Formulated with Cranberry seed extract known to be rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C, E and K and natural fatty acids to help improve skin elasticity and boost collagen production thereby assisting with the skins elasticity and wrinkling.   The best thing about this Body Butter - non greasy.  So you can lather up every day to keep your skin silky smooth, supple and moisturized without feeling greasy. 


      Velvety Soft Application Mitt

      A soft, washable mitt ensures an even, streak-free application and protects the palms from staining.

      How to use:

      First - admire the gorgeous products that are going to transform your skin into a beautiful sunkissed glow.  Then:

      Apply the Body Butter over your entire body - especially the drier areas like elbows, knees and ankles.  Or mix the Bronzer and Body Butter together for easier application.

      With you brand new, velvety smooth Caribbeantan mitt, squeeze a small amount of Bronzing Lotion onto the mitt, and start from the feet up - as you would a self tan.  

      • Must be applied with gloves or ideally a Caribbeantan application mitt.
      • Smooth onto the skin and allow to dry before dressing.

      Allow 10 minutes to dry before wearing clothing Enjoy soft, moisturised, sun-kissed skin

      *This product will stain hands so please use the mitt for best results.  

      At the end of the day, just wash off the tan. No prep, no commitment. (well, except for a lather beforehand with the Body Butter - but that's okay.  Your skin loves it!) 

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Wash off Tan Bundle

R 149.95


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